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Your Not Alone Brian/I see
Hopi -
You get annoyed and you hurt others,
Get scared and want to run away,
You try to hide and lurk in a corner,
You think no one cares about you,
That you Don't matter enough to be worried about,
You think your all alone in this world,
It makes me sad to know you see all these things,
I see a king,
I see a demon,
I see a friend,
I see a playmate,
I see a wonderful man,
I see,
I see Brian.
Jerome -
When I first met you, I was an ass,
And maybe that affected you in some way I don't know,
Thing is... I was terrified, absolutely terrified,
Here was another demon and my adoptive son liked you,
You're a father, you know how scary and mad you can get,
But it became clear that you weren't an enemy,
You weren't going to kill or harm him on purpose,
I guess I learned to trust you, a foreign concept to me,
I see a good man,
I see a dad whose rough around the edges,
I see a good ass beta,
I see a loyal friend,
I see,
I see,
I see Brian,
Ivlet -
I noticed you too,
I like to stay hidden in the sh
:iconlordnakuro:LordNakuro 1 0
My Dragon
My dragon is strong and powerful,
Sweet and kind natured,
My knight in shining armor,
My mount to flee the scene,
We could fight together and protect one another,
We could had you not choose to fight,
My dragon is strong and powerful,
No wounds I bear from their yelling and screaming,
No I seem quite content,
But my strong and powerful dragon,
Has hurt my heart a time or two,
I not how many times,
Nor how many tears I have shed,
We seem just fine,
No wounds we seemingly bear,
But the wounds on the heart,
Are deeper still,
You are my dragon,
Strong and powerful,
With one sweep of your wings,
You could knock me senseless,
But you hold your power back,
Afraid to hurt me,
Rein it in and beat it down,
I value the fight and courage,
But I ask you my dragon,
"Let your wings spread and beat the wind,
I shall not get hurt,
Let your fire come out,
And burn our foes,
I do not fear you,
And I never shall,
I do not like to see my dragon,
Become a weak little kitten",
And I ask my dragon,
"Fly and f
:iconlordnakuro:LordNakuro 2 0
I Fear Everyday
You're stronger than you feel,
Smarter than you think,
Firmer than you understand,
You're more amazing than you know,
I dream of you every night,
And imagine me life with you,
Yet every night I think,
How strong do you feel?,
Very weak,
How submissive do you feel?,
I want to help you,
Be you're friend,
I want to help you,
Be the true YOU again,
I fear everyday,
I see your strength,
I see your smarts,
I see your firm but good firm,
I see your amazing,
I fear everyday,
But when I'm with you,
I don't fear for me.
:iconlordnakuro:LordNakuro 1 0
The Wolf's Howl
The night calm and peaceful,
Broken by the howl of a wolf,
Long, loud, and sorrowful she calls,
"Come with us and have fun.",
Encourages her sister,
"No. I shall stay here.",
She replies politely,
"Come hunt with me.",
Her mother tries, but again she replies,
"No. I shall stay here.",
Her grandmother gives it a go,
"Come and hang out with the pups.",
"No. I shall stay here.",
Sad the wolves leave having failed to bring her with them,
She howls again,
The howl of a wolf,
Her determination strong,
She howls to the air,
The howl of a wolf,
Her family has given up,
No ear do they lend to her calls,
The howl of a wolf,
The night sky shattered,
By the call of the wolf,
The howl of a wolf,
In the distance,
Far away,
Another howl breaks the sky,
From somewhere nearby,
"I knew you'd come.",
She says to the dark form,
With two gold eyes,
And long, long legs,
He beckons her,
"How long did you wait my love?",
He wonders aloud,
"Not long.",
She replies with a smile,
"Any trouble?",
He asks concerne
:iconlordnakuro:LordNakuro 1 6
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